Buy Online Gothic Storm - Limited Edition Dragons and Kings (Includes Free Digital Downloads)

Gothic Storm

Limited Edition Dragons and Kings Vinyl (Includes Free Digital Downloads)

LP $24.99

Release Date: 06/04/2015

Discs: 1

Gothic Storm always brings live world-class British strings and choirs and an amazing line-up of writers. Dragons and Kings is a beautiful flight of orchestral fantasy adventure - imagination set free on the wings of dragons.

Forever limited to 500 copies.

Dan Graham
The Gothic Storm founder, Dan has an unusual combination of talents for melody and entrepreneurship. When not writing epics, he's always excited about innovation and runs sister label The Library Of The Human Soul.

Chris Haigh
Chris was born in Yorkshire, England and from a very young age had a keen interest in films and their music. His natural flair for cinematic music has let him to score some of the biggest trailer campaigns in Hollywood as well as gathering a huge international fan following.

Gabriel Brosteanu
Gabriel is a classically trained guitarist and pianist from Bucharest. After 20 years' writing and performing in classical and rock, in 2014 his incredible gift for colour and melody led him to being headhunted to write full-time for Gothic Storm.

Lukas Ledzki
Lukas started his musical journey at the age of 5, falling in love with the sound of a grand piano then gathering musical knowledge over 11 years from his teacher and mentor. His melodic, colourful style can be heard on TV worldwide but his grand vision has seen him shift his focus to epic orchestral music.

Piotr Musial
Piotr is an award-winning composer and orchestrator for games and film based in Poland. He is fond of challenges, with great passion for details.

Andrew Swarbrick
Andrew grew up in Horsham, West Sussex and is now writing music for trailers, TV and documentaries from his home studio in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. He is a classically trained trumpeter and pianist who found his love for writing orchestral music at university in 2009.

Side A:

1. Dragon Lands (Piotr Musial, Lukasz Ledzki)
2. Cloud Rider (Chris Haigh)
3. Saviours Of The Universe (Dan Graham)
4. City Of Light (Gabriel Brosteanu)
5. Final Epic (Dan Graham)
6. Kingdom Of Three Seas (Piotr Musial)

Side B:

1. Path That Lies Ahead (Gabriel Brosteanu)
2. Seventh Tale (Piotr Musial, Lukasz Ledzki)
3. Adventure Begins (Chris Haigh)
4. To Glory (Gabriel Brosteanu)
5. First Adventure (Gabriel Brosteanu)
6. Awfully Big Adventure (Andrew Swarbrick)